Our Name

Rodeline Rocks is a new approach to being sexy and fresh while staying classy and elegant. The name comes from the Founder´s own name, Rodeline, which also means a Rose. The two elements are reflected in the Company´s name & logo.

Our Pride

Based out of Santiago in the Dominican Republic, our Company passion is for aesthetics, awareness to details and quality. We offer a fresh, affordable and modern twist to being sexy and elegant. It is our pride to make people look good and feel comfortable. We operate in the beautiful island of Hispaniola and feel a strong sense of pride for that!

Our Sense of Community

We want our site to be a place where smart, hip and sophisticated buyers come to shop for great quality fashion items and accessories. We want to support our local talent and provide a platform for new and upcoming designers to showcase their work. We want to be the place that defines and craft Dominican’s upcoming fashion statement.

Our Support

We are also committed to share our success with our community and will donate 1% of all sales to charities based in the Dominican Republic! We believe in sharing the wealth with the people we love and care about while supporting our community at large